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The Next-Generation


Building on the CERITA Method, CERITA-Jamii equips Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from around the world with the storytelling and dialogue tools needed to strengthen social cohesion while incorporating context-specific expertise.
CERITA-Jamii expands the global Caravan of storytellers who are creating ripple effects of change in local communities and online.

The CERITA-Jamii Caravan Route

Foundation Training

The Foundation Training is a 7-day intensive retreat in Sousse, Tunisia, including CERITA workshops, cohort bonding and networking, place-based activities and interventions, and collaborative context-specific programme design. Each CSO group comes away with a detailed plan to implement CERITA programming in its home country.

Ambassador Training

Ambassador Trainings prepare local partners to carry out the vital role of bringing CERITA methods to their communities. The Caravanserai Collective supports CSOs to identify potential Ambassadors, conduct Ambassador Training, support Ambassadors, run a final storytelling event (CERITAFest), and carry out monitoring and evaluation.

Ambassador-Led Events

Each CERITA Ambassador is expected to host a storytelling session, cultural showcase, further training or masterclass, or any other event to bring CERITA to a wider audience.


The ‘CERITAFest’ is a signature model in which participants reunite for a time of reunion, reflection, and celebration, either in person or online. Each country cohort is supported to host a local CERITAFest once the Ambassador-led events have concluded. A final online Global CERITAFest brings the entire community of storytellers together, over 1500 strong.

Inspired by Story.

Powered by Technology.

Storytelling is the original empathy technology, allowing for the systematic development of relationships across borders and boundaries. In the digital age, the human capacity for relationship is being challenged. CERITA-Jamii seeks to answer divisive narratives with unifying ones by combining the power of the ‘old’ technology of storytelling and the ‘new’ technology of social media platforms. Throughout the CERITA-Jamii process, partners and participants generate content and use social media to extend the impact of storytelling into the digital space.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

How Do We Measure Success?

Measuring the success of social cohesion programmes is notoriously difficult. Over time, the Caravanserai Collective has developed a set of objectives and methods for monitoring and evaluation that has proven effective in diverse contexts across the world. CERITA-Jamii’s M&E approach combines quantitative and qualitative methods to measure the impact of the programme on three overarching objectives:

Empower and amplify new or existing voices and actions aiming to undermine social division, building knowledge and understanding of other citizens

Build resilience to social division and isolation through holistic educational resources and approaches

Enable innovation in approaches to tackling social exclusion and isolation, including but not limited to technological innovation

Who Can Participate in CERITA-Jamii?

While CERITA-Jamii has no formal eligibility requirements, we do strongly encourage a holistic approach to diversity in all programme events, from Foundation Training to CERITAFest. CERITA is all about celebrating the complexity and pluralism of our world, which requires inclusion and representation of people from different religions, races, cultures, communities, ages, abilities, and other identities. CERITA-Jamii is specifically designed to energise young professionals, but individuals of all ages are welcome to participate. Specific eligibility criteria is available upon request through the contact form.