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The Caravanserai Collective are committed to teaching the tools and skills to activate individuals to become powerful movers for positive change. We are a cultural intermediary and consultancy focused on assisting individuals and groups to create the necessary shifts in their organisations and communities. We operate by means of facilitated spaces, consultancy and programming.

We employ storytelling as a powerful tool for transformation with and within civil society organizations, foundations, universities, schools,  governmental and inter-governmental bodies, as well as the private sector, empowering storytellers to reclaim the narrative.

Our Partners Include

What We Do

We inspire storytellers to harness the power of their own narratives to make meaningful, transformative change.

Stories entertain, enlighten, inform, and make us feel uncomfortable. Better stories shift our ideas, change our perspectives, and challenge our assumptions. The best stories allow us to imagine the world anew and ignite our agency to make change. The worst stories break people apart, promote hate, and misinform. It's the STORYTELLERS who craft these narratives, tell them, deliver them, and harness their power.

Stories are nothing without Storytellers.

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Connecting the world, one story at a time

We employ storytelling as a powerful tool for transformation within communities, civil society organisations, public policy spaces, educational institutions, and the private sector. All of our approaches harness decades of collective learning and doing. Our work builds on a variety of approaches from Public Narrative strategies to the embodied techniques of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed to interworldview dialogue. Our goal is to foster deep connections among our participants that move them to collective action. Our training programs can run from a few hours to a 5 day masterclass.

We offer four key areas of work: 

  • Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation - We work with partners to develop strategies for peacebuilders to work across social, cultural, political, economic and religious faultlines by facilitating deep dialogue and engagement. Designed for mixed groups of individuals, teams, or entire organizations, our training programs - designed with our partners - encourages participants to explore diverse perspectives and build understanding across divides.
  • Engagement Design & Facilitation - We design and facilitate various types of gatherings - from addressing internal team dynamics to working to facilitate connection between organizations. Our team is practised in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) Methods, Design Sprints, group facilitation approaches, using both informal and formal methods to achieve the objectives of the gathering. 
  • Education & Encounter - We are interested in the ways educational systems and spaces can facilitate meaningful encounter and engagement across lines of difference. We work with teachers to co-create curriculum interventions and design approaches that harness schools and classroom as spaces for deep dialogue and to develop greater mutual understanding and solidarity. 
  • Policy & Collaboration- We work with policy professionals, civil society actors and specialists from private sector to design more impactful public policy engagements and gatherings. Aimed at building genuine connection between individuals, we help facilitate better collaboration.
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Meet The Team

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Abdul-Rehman Malik

Co-Founder &
Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective

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Rahima (Ima)

Co-Founder & Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective


Stephen Shashoua

Co-Founder &
Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective

Illustration of Kellen with blonde hair and smiling

Kellen Silver

Project Manager,


CERITA Caravan

The storytelling movement is digital

Get in Touch

The Caravanserai Collective is a private limited company established in February 2017 in the UK and in 2023 in Singapore.

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