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Connecting the world
one story at a time

Connecting the world
one story at a time

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CERITA Caravan is a social cohesion and anti-polarization project, powered by technology, that amplifies citizen voices through storytelling. CERITA Caravan inspires influencers, stakeholders, and individual storytellers across all walks of life to fight discrimination, promote inclusivity, and build trust within and between communities.

By creating opportunities to explore–with honesty and complexity–the ways in which different cultures, religious beliefs, worldviews, and identities interact, the CERITA Caravan method builds resilience against narratives and ideologies which seek to undermine a diverse and inclusive social fabric. We work with CSOs, foundations, universities, governmental and and intergovernmental bodies, as well as the private sector empowering storytellers to reclaim the narrative.

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Sharing Stories. Building Communities. Changing the World.

CERITA-Jamii is the next-generation CERITA programme, developed in partnership with Meta. Engaging civil society actors, community influencers, and activists in designated countries, CERITA-Jamii creates platforms of self-expression for citizens to share stories across ethnic, religious, gender, political and cultural differences. Every part of the CERITA-Jamii programme is co-created with civil society partners to incorporate local expertise and reflect local priorities.

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Meet The Team

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Abdul-Rehman Malik

Co-Founder &
Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective

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Rahima (Ima)

Co-Founder & Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective


Stephen Shashoua

Co-Founder &
Co-Director of the Caravanserai Collective

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Kellen Silver

Project Manager,


CERITA Caravan

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Get in Touch

CERITA Caravan is managed and run by the Caravanserai Collective. We are committed to teaching the tools and skills to activate individuals to become powerful movers for positive change. We are a cultural intermediary and consultancy focused on assisting individuals and groups to create the necessary shifts in their organisations and communities. We operate in the area of intercultural literacy, the arts, storytelling, conflict transformation, and organisational development by means of facilitated spaces, consultancy and programming.
We are a private limited company established in February 2017 in the UK.

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